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Save the earth with Bio-degradable Plastics...



What we are making our Earth!!

Biodegradation is defined by the EPA as, “A process by which microbial organisms transform or alter (through metabolic or enzymatic action) the structure of chemicals introduced into the environment.”The biodegradation process breaks down everything from yard waste to crude oil.

Biodegradable Products?

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Biodegradable Bags and Films

Our bags are part of Swacch Bharat campaign to reduce waste. Biodegradable carry bags as per IS 17088: 2012 and IS 15985, approved by Ministry of Environment and Forests , Governme

Agriculture & Agro Industries

All farmers, Farmer Cooperatives, Agricultural Products sellers, Pesticide/ Fungicide/ Insecticide manufacturers,  Fertilizer Manufacturers, Greenhouse owners, Organic Fruit, Flowers, Crop growers , Exporters of Bulk and Retail Food and Flower.

Single Use Hazardous and Non Recyclable

Thousand of tons of plastics , which are poisonous and hazardous for men, animals, soil, water and air are released into the environment every day !


Billions of HDPE, PET bottles, cups, thin film packets are thrown after its packaging life for Lipsticks, Sun block and Sun Tan Cream, Herbal Cosmetics, Nail polish, Nail Polish remover , bags, shrink films is over.

Dairy and Meat Packaging

Our BioD solutions for Dairy, Meat, Fish will not only reduce plastic waste but will give an edge on your competitors in India and across the world. These are food grade plastic applications and can be made with polymer


Whether it is Fresh Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Spices,  Onions , Raw Fish & Meat, Cooked and processed Food and Dairy items , biodegradable plastic packaging will not only build your brand..

What is “biodegradable”?

Biodegradation is defined by the EPA as, “A process by which microbial organisms transform or alter (through metabolic or enzymatic action) the structure of chemicals introduced into the environment.”The biodegradation process breaks down everything from yard waste to crude oil. It is a natural process that keeps our planet clean and healthy. Unfortunately, the rate at which we are producing waste far outpaces the rate of natural biodegradation, leading to an unsustainable state. As landfills fill up at record rates, air, water and soil pollution is increasing.

How to adapt biodegradability?

biodegradation is an important natural process, which converts chemicals released into the environment into other chemicals and, eventually, into carbon dioxide. Most hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents have been shown to be biodegradable and do not persist in the environment.

Why using biodegradable products is important?

Since the 1980’s more people shifted to disposable habits and consumption of throwaway plastics. We see it being used daily and in mass quantities as take-out containers at restaurants, as coffee cups in the office, and as packing material. We use plastics for just about anything because it’s cheap, effective, and lightweight which complements to our instant way of life. but it harms our environment. that create many diseases among us, the only solution of it is bio-degradation.

Where are we heading?

Over the years, the socio-economic activities of man has disrupted the ecosystem and it keeps getting worse by the day. As human population increases on a daily basis, the habitat is altered and destroyed. There is a continuous impact on natural resourses as they get compromised and depleted.

As it stands, these impacts can not be reversed but mitigation is a possibility.Environmental Degradation affects Water Bodies, Soil, Air, Plants, Wildlife and Aquatic life.

Bio-degradable plastic is Part of Solid waste management

The majority of the standards concern the composting disposal environment, treating the composting as an important, ecologically sound disposal method that generates useful soil amendment product. So far all available standards relevant to EDPs are based on compostability. They are generally composed of several aspects: material characteristics, biodegradability in certain environment and compost quality.

Do you know?

Lifespan of Plastic

Landfill environments are filled with specific microbes and enzymes adapted to break down trash, landfills have been the standard solution for solid waste disposal for years.

Now, landfills are being overloaded with plastic products that can take hundreds of years or more to biodegrade.

Consider the lifespan of these popular plastic products:

  • Plastic Water Bottle – 450 years
  • Disposable Diapers – 500 years
  • Plastic 6-Pack Collar – 450 Years
  • Extruded Polystyrene Foam – over 5,000 years

Flexible, resilient, and durable – plastics have facilitated innovation and convenience in almost every area of American life. From our medical supplies to our food storage containers, plastic is a commonplace and inexpensive solution for many Americans. But, plastic is not without its flaws. Strong polymers in plastic are extremely resistant to natural biodegradation processes. This means that traditional plastic products can persist in landfills for hundreds of years, if not indefinitely.

About us

Sustainability is garnering increasingly greater debate in India and rest of the world. It is becoming a center point for legislative and regulative agenda, attracting mass media attention, concern of citizens and rallying point for environmental activist.

We at Vasudha see Sustainability as beneficial to governments, citizens and profitable for industries and companies. Discussion on long term value and profitability of sustainability tends to be overlooked, while direct and short term cost is given undue relevance.

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