Leaders in Asia: What makes us different?

Since the turn of the century, Western multinationals have enjoyed unchallenged dominance in fast-growing economies, when it came to market share dominance, premium prices, and the first pick of local talent. But guess what… The game today has changed. The world now looks to India, and its neighbor China, as the fastest-growing economies offering markets for organizations to make the next big leap of expansion.

Busting the myths around biodegradable plastics

Biodegradable plastics have been debated in different media and fora but there is more confusion than clarity on the facts. In the light of the ban on PET in pharmaceutical packaging for certain patient categories, sustainability activist Pranay Kumar, Chief Environment Officer, Vasudhaecofriends Projects clears the air on some of the issues and makes the case for products like Ecopure, which increase the biodegradability of plastics, making it more ecofriendly

Biodegradable Plastics and Sustainable Packaging Conference

Vasudha organised a conference on Biodegradable Plastic and Sustainable Packaging at Hotel Karl Residency, Andheri W. in Mumbai on 7th September and India International Centre Annexe in Delhi, on 9th September.

Oli price Decontrol is good for environment

While citizens are reeling under the increasing oil prices, a sustainability practitioner shares his opinion on why this is a good move for the environment and economy.

Wastewater woes: Learnings from TIRUPUR

Dyeing is a method, which imparts beauty to the textile by applying various colors and their shades on to a fabric and can be done at any stage of the manufacturing of textile. This same process has a downside as well: it results in pollution of water.

Which is more sustainable- Paper or Plastic ?

This next article in the ‘Sustainable Consumption Series” analyses the plastic vs. paper war and positions plastic as more sustainable than paper and other packaging materials such as aluminum and glass

Strategy Challenges of Solar Energy Players

Hult International Business School

A perspective of strategy challenges faced by Solar Energy players in US, India and Germany