Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

Women’s hygiene is of utmost importance, so is taking care of the waste, which is a bio hazard and risk
spreading infections by not degrading. Developed countries incinerate or burn these bio waste creating
pollution. But what if we provide a more sustainable solution.
Vasudha Projects is developing a completely biodegradable ( Yes 100% biodegradable ) sanitary pads at
affordable price, which do not change any comfort feature of a sanitary pad and is also scalable or mass
Uganda is producing biodegradable sanitary pads made of banana tree stem but it uses a tree and may
not be produced in mass.
BioD sanitary pads would have all layers of sanitary pad biodegrade completely and finally disappear
without causing damage to environment and become pure Earth as Mother Nature intends Earth to be.
No infections, No unseemly sights. No odour, just pure biofertlizer !
How is that for sustainnovations ! Share your views with us. For partnership write to us.
to the waste collector in developing countries where waste is not segregated collected with hands,
sometimes bare hands !