Single Use Hazardous and Non Recyclable

Single Use Hazardous and No Recyclable :  Thousand of tons of plastics , which are poisonous and hazardous for men, animals, soil, water and air are released into the environment every day !

If these products remain in the environment , it will pollute your city’s and town’s water and air. Do you wish to be a responsible producer/user.

Pesticide HDPE/PP  Bottles, Fertilizer, Lubricant Bottles and Pouches, Fungicide/Biocide films and laminates, Blood bags, IV Fluid bags, Plastic Syringes, Plastic gloves, Non- Woven PP Head covers, wipes , Biomedical waste bags can all be made Biodegradable and all these toxic plastics can be biodegraded safely.

Biomedical waste bags can be put in the woven without any harm.

Think of the huge amount of contaminated and infectious plastic waste which can be easily biodegraded safely by microbes without causing any harm to any living being and environment.

Wouldn’t you like to be a contributor our clean, Non- toxic environment ?