Pranay Kumar

Plastics Export Promotion Council Of India Inducts Our Promoter In National Youth Executive Committee

Pranay Kumar, Chief Environment Officer, Vasudhaecofriends projects (P) Ltd., New Delhi

Pranay is an Electrical Engineer from BIT Sindri, MBA from Hult & Harvard (Boston) and has an environmental law certificate from National Law University. He has 26 years in Leadership, marketing and technical roles in technology firms and currently a member of Plastics Export Promotion Council and ASSOCHAM Sustainability Council.

He is an enthusiastic learner and innovator in microbiology and nanotechnology and guest lec- tures at Indian Institute of Packaging and Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

He is the co-owner of Vasudha Projects P Ltd, which makes and sells first of its kind of Biodegradable master- batches and finished products, which works with most petroleum-based polymers. Vasudha is also into Solid Waste Management.

“As a sustainability entrepreneur, my focus is always on Innovation for projects and products that utilise resources at optimum level. Plastics are the new raw materials for humankind and we are learning to manage these. Plastics have the lowest eco footprint amongst raw material as compared to its peers.

My intention and actions as a member of the Youth committee would be to

1) Promote Plastics as the most sus- tainable packaging solution
2) Raise awareness in the plastic community of profitability derived from the Quality and Value of the products
3) Connect action for mitigation of climate change with plastic products, made in India and
4) Connect with and educate our International clients of Indian Plastics Companies’ capabilities and products. I hope to have the support of the Plastic Industry and our End user Industries, which is virtually everyone am privileged to serve the plastic industry. “

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