Biodegradable Films

Biodegradable Films of PE, BoPET, BoPP, CPP & Laminates

NGT and Ministry of Environment , GoI has proposed to ban multilayered plastic packaging( MoEFCC notification, 18th March, 2016) for all purposes by March 2018. Our Biodegradable plastics can be an ecofriendly alternative to management of huge amount of plastic waste, which cannot be recycled.

To be very clear In India Industries have been asked to get audited for recycling. So just making your packaging “ recyclable” will not work now. It has to be “recycled “ either by you or a third party recycler. The only option is to make your plastics biodegradable and sustainable as mentioned in Ministry of Environment’s March  2016 Notification

Our BioD biodegradable films and laminates can be used for dry and wet food, beverages, spices, dry fruits packaging, raw fruits, fish, meat packaging and even dairy for ANY polymer. MOQ required.

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