PET Preforms

PET Preforms: BioD PET is a pioneer in biodegradable PET bottles in the world. It’s an innovative solution for Non-degradable PET bottles, which are essential for Pharma, Edible oils and Beverages industries.

BioD PET is an attractive financial proposition in the Milk, Oils and Pharma industries as it saves millions due to unbreakability. Glass used in packaging breaks during transportation and storage, sometimes upto 7% to 8 % of revenue is lost. Besides that, it reduces the cost of transport due to low weight and reduces greenhouse emissions due to transport.

Liquor industry can benefit at least 7 to 10 percent of its Revenue, thus adding to Profits by such numbers through

  1. Unbreakability of PET vis- a -vis Glass.
  2. Cost of bottle.
  3. Saving on fuel and transportation costs due to PET’s lower weight.
  4. Reduction of greenhouse emissions across the supply chain of the bottle including transportation.

What’s more as BioD is End of the Life Solution, the bottles can be recycled 100% without effecting the properties and recycling stream as any Non-degradable PET bottle!

Category : Single Use Non Recyclable

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